The historic "Blue Vic" was one of the largest Victorians built in Aspen in the 19th century on one of the town's prime corners. Instead of being expanded into one huge McMansion, the landmark home was preserved essentially in tact and re-sited on a new foundation. This allowed for a detached duplex just to the north which would complement instead of overwhelm the original home and provide a vivid example of Aspen's past (the original "Blue Vic" - now white), and future - 204 North Monarch.

The contrasts and similarities are vivid from the exterior. Similar in scale and sharing a similar street facing dormer, 204's solar panels on the traditional dormer are an immediate visual glimpse of the future. The rear roof of 204 has a photo voltaic solar system that powers an electric car in the garage, and another vacuum solar system to heat the hot water for the floor even on cloudy days. Automated insulated solar shades help keep the home warm and cool. Recycled glass tiles, environmentally sensitive concrete, and FSC certified woods are used throughout the interiors. Even the snow melt system is solar heated, reducing the carbon footprint generated from trucking snow away on this very dense in town site. Blending Aspen's past and future for the 21st century.




Projects Completed